It is safe to say that the best spark plug in the market is the iridium spark plug. True enough, other options have their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, a vehicle may not necessarily be optimized for iridium-tipped spark plugs. This is the reason why before your next tune-up, you should gather more information on whether this type of plug applies to your vehicle. Knowing the pros and con of iridium spark plugs is essential if you value your car’s performance.

Using Iridium-Type Spark Plugs: The Pros
Lasts Longer Than Other Types of Spark Plugs
Iridium-type spark plugs can last for around 40,000 to 60,000 miles of vehicle usage. Some vehicle owners who use this type of spark plug attest that it can even last longer! Compared to platinum-tipped spark plugs, iridium ones last 25% longer. Copper spark plugs have the shortest lifespan.

Any vehicle owner will be happy to avoid changing the spark plugs every year or so. Having to replace spark plugs often is not only costly, but it can also be time-consuming. With iridium-type spark plugs, you don’t have to worry about replacing these often.

Withstands Heavy Usage and Wear and Tear
Spark plugs made from iridium, a metal which is silvery-white in color, have been proven to be more durable. Compared to platinum and copper, iridium is harder. The iridium spark plug is tougher than the competition. It also has less visible deterioration if there is any at all. It can surely withstand the most robust vehicle operating conditions.

Gives Superior Performance as Compared to Others
The iridium-tipped spark plugs are the highest-performing plugs today. Ignition is faster compared to other spark plugs. With this, you will not experience jerky starts. The center electrode is smaller compared to the platinum and copper types. The vehicle can save power because less voltage is required. Firing-efficiency is higher compared to others sold in the market today.

Furthermore, your vehicle’s fuel combustion will be efficient and reliable. You can save money on fuel with the high-performing iridium plugs. This kind offsets the supposed disadvantage of the iridium-tipped plug.

Con of Using Iridium-Type Spark Plugs
It is More Expensive Than Other Spark Plugs in the Market
Iridium plugs are the most expensive ones out there. But, with iridium-tipped spark plugs, you get your money’s worth. When compared to other types of spark plugs, there is no doubt that iridium ones can raise replacement costs. However, because iridium plugs last longer, you can offset the initial high price you paid for these plugs.

A vehicle is like the human body. You want the best for your body, so it runs well and performs at its peak. Choosing the right spark plug for your vehicle is critical. You need plugs that will last long, are high-performing, and heavy-duty. The excellent performance of spark plugs that use iridium outweighs its high price. Consider installing the iridium spark plug to turn your vehicle into a highly efficient machine.