Keeping your vehicle’s engine at its optimal condition requires super performance spark plug maintenance. This component brings electric current to the combustion chamber powering your engine. Taking care of your spark plug and have it regularly changed are critical to avoid ignition problems.

To avoid the buildup of dark residue from a number of combustion on your vehicle’s spark plug, you must know how to take care of your engine. Here are three tips you can follow in tackling super performance spark plug maintenance:

Engine Inspection Routine

Regularly inspecting your engine can help you maintain your car properly. Automotive spark plugs are recommended to undergo a check-up every 30,000 miles approximately. This also opens the opportunity to inspect the status of other components such as the cabin air filter, fuel filter, brakes, the charging system, as well as the starting system.

A regular engine check-up is a vital part of super performance spark plug maintenance. Do not push your faulty spark plugs at the edge of its last spark. It is better to have it inspected and replaced prior to engine failure which may eventually lead to catalytic converter damage.

It is essential to have your automotive spark plugs replaced when it is beyond the specified time of the vehicle manufacturer. However, the life expectancy of a spark plug also depends on its type and condition.

Installing New Spark Plugs Regularly

Every vehicle has its own number when it comes to the life expectancy of their spark plug. When you encounter the rough idle, misfires, high fuel consumption, and other signs of faulty spark plugs, go to the mechanic as soon as possible.

Do not postpone replacing your spark plugs if you do not want your engine to jerk hastily and gradually stop in the middle of a long road. This is also known as engine surging caused by deteriorated, worn out spark plugs.

Using the Same Type of Spark Plug Every Replacement

On the last part of super performance spark plug maintenance, the original automotive spark plug equipped in your vehicle should be replaced with the same type. It is safe to follow what your car manufacturer originally used. This ensures that the replacement spark plug is compatible with the engine, and that it lasts longer as it goes through a series of combustions.

All these precautions contribute to high performance and reliability of your vehicle. It is better to invest in regular super performance spark plug maintenance than to stumble on huge expenses due to critical damage from faulty spark plugs.